Kristen Cabrera

Creative front-end developer and pop culture enthusiast@Who Weekly 😙 based in Brooklyn, New York. She's currently working on the engineering team at BounceX. She's a graduate of Boston Universitygo terriers🐾 and has experience at startups in Buenos Aires, Copenhagen, and New York City. She loves the internet but not more than she loves her grandma.

She usually goes by @kris10cabrera. Don't hestitate to reach out.🖤

eyeThings she's made that live on the internet:

Bitcoin Price Index

Using the CoinDesk API, she created a tool to display the latest Bitcoin price in various currencies. This is a project she expanded on from the SuperHi Ajax + APIs course.


Favorite Album Cube

A cube made out of the cover art from some of her favorite albums. It is inspired by the walls of her childhood bedroom.


SuperHi Projects

As a student at SuperHi, she codes projects in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. Here are some of her favorites:

url: ~ SVG animations using Tachyons CSS and Anime.js.
url: ~ A site that searches for Gifs using Giphy’s API.

Join the SuperHi coding community.


A satirical attempt at a subscription service generator. Built on Glitch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

Featured on Glitch's blog!

Dress up Timothée

A dress-up Timothée Chalamet app. Built on Glitch using HTML, CSS, jQuery, and the Draggabilly JS library.


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